Osteopathic treatments - Gatineau (QC)

Osteopathy is a manual medicine that aims to free the body's tissues from stiffness and reduce pain. This approach attempts to restore harmony to the different parts of the body and normalize their functions.

To achieve this result, the osteopath precisely identifies the point of origin of tensions and blockages that restrict the mobility of different tissues and organs of the body.

Through adjustment techniques, the practitioner restores tissue mobility and promotes the body's balance and health.

The osteopath is not simply interested in a particular discomfort but evaluates the whole body of the patient.

Osteopathy is based, on the one hand, on the knowledge of anatomy, physiology and Primary Respiratory mechanism and, on the other hand, on palpatory art.

Its specificity lies in the originality of its approach to analysis and understanding of the different systems: musculoskeletal, visceral, fascial, membranous, cranial, fluidian, neuroendocrine and emotional and the interrelations between them. Osteopathy is based on a living tradition evolved through personal experience and research.

What does osteopathy involve:

When a patient comes to see an osteopath, the osteopath takes note of his medical history and does an evaluation. The examination is performed by various manual and palpatory tests. Particular attention is paid to the functioning and mobility of the patient's various structures: bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and viscera. The osteopath seeks to identify the often distant root cause of the patient's problem. When the individual's condition requires it or to clarify a clinical impression, the osteopath may request medical advice.

During a treatment, the osteopath uses different manual techniques to relieve structures and tissues to restore mobility. He also makes the necessary joint adjustments to restore the joint to its natural movement.

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Who needs osteopathy?

Osteopathy is for anyone who has experienced :

  • a physical trauma
  • A car accident, a sports accident, a work accident...
  • Acute or chronic dysfunctions such as arthritis, sciatica, neuralgia, vertigo, headaches...
  • Visceral or organic disorders: digestive, respiratory, gynecological, urological...
  • Physical problems related to stress, overwork, emotional trauma...

Furthermore, the osteopath can offer a follow-up to pregnant women: preparation for childbirth, relief of back pain and sciatica... and postpartum follow-up for mother and baby. Osteopathy can also help newborns and children with colic, regurgitation, ear infections, language, concentration and learning disorders...

Through thorough examination, the osteopath can prevent the appearance of certain symptoms of serious diseases by improving the functional potential of the individual.

Refund for osteopathic treatments :

Various personal or group insurance programs refund all or part of the costs related to osteopathic treatments.

Contact your insurance company for more information!