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Osteopathy and physiotherapy
for back pain

Visit us today if you are suffering from low back pain! We offer osteopathy and physiotherapy treatments to help you. Osteopathy is highly effective to relieve acute or chronic back pain. 

We determine the exact area to be treated through a thorough diagnostic.  

Are you in Hull, Aylmer or in the surrounding area? Follow our personalized sessions to stay in good health.

We offer osteopathy and physiotherapy care to relieve acute or chronic back pain.



Low back pain Hull

A preventive or
curative session

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to prevent or cure pelvic or posture disorders. Osteopathy and physiotherapy are the best treatments to regulate tension and restore the body's balance.

We recommend a preventive session, especially for athletes as it helps them perform better during training and prepare for a competition. 

After an injury, osteopathy and physiotherapy also help to relieve pain and stimulate rapid recovery. Visit us if you are suffering from a whiplash injury.

Follow osteopathic sessions to be in the best shape.

Low back pain Aylmer

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