Clinique Physiothérapie Multi-Soins - Gatineau (QC)

Since 1995, Physiothérapie Multi-Soins is committed to offering personalized treatments. Everyone in your family can benefit from our treatments, from the newborn baby to the elderly.

Our treatments and approach are designed to help you resume your daily activities quickly, without discomfort or pain. Our mission is to promote the optimal and functional recovery and rehabilitation of an injured person, whether it is a sports injury, a work accident, a fall, the after-effects of surgery, an illness or a stress management problem.

We also offer advice, exercises, manual therapies and electro-physical agents to be applied daily. Each treatment plan is established individually and according to the stage of recovery.

To bring you the benefits of osteopathy, we use manual techniques, such as joint adjustments, to relieve the tissues and body and restore your mobility. We always evaluate your medical history and perform some manual tests prior to choosing the appropriate treatment.

During our intervention, we pay particular attention to the functioning and mobility of the various structures of the patient, including the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascias and viscera. Through this process, we seek to identify the often distant root cause of the client's problem. If the patient’s condition requires it or to clarify a clinical impression, the osteopath may request medical advice.

Physiotherapy Gatineau Hull Aylmer

Dans toutes nos interventions, une attention particulière est portée au fonctionnement et à la mobilité des diverses structures du patient : os, articulations, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascias et viscères. Par ce procédé, nous cherchons à identifier le point de départ souvent lointain de toute la séquence de blocages à la source du problème du client. Lorsque la condition de l’individu le requiert ou pour clarifier une impression clinique, l’ostéopathe se réfère au corps médical.