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Osteopathy specialist for children in Gatineau

Our clinic proposes osteopathic treatments for children.


is well suited to treat the various troubles which affect babies from birth. It can be a stiff neck, a cranial deformation, a facial or body asymmetry, a dysfunction of the lacrimal canal, an otitis, a cough and respiratory infections, sucking difficulties or regurgitation problems …

The osteopath also operates in case of difficult delivery (umbilical cord around the neck, long labour, caesarian). The treatments offered in osteopathy allow the child to have a good adaptability as he grows up. The follow-up can be continuous to quickly solve the common troubles affecting children,  those related to physical or emotional traumas: Tummy ache, headaches, asthma, learning disorders of the language, the behavioral disorders…

The treatment can continue during the adolescence, period when  troubles such as the scoliosis, joint pains, painful periods, depression, are more and more frequent…

To better treat the troubles of the child, we always begin with a detailed questionnaire about his health state. We then perform manual tests and select appropriate care techniques in relation to the disorders detected. For best results, we do not hesitate to collaborate with other doctors, pediatricians, orthodontists, etc..

Osthéopathie pour enfants

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